Living the Dream!

by Eugene on February 24, 2011

 I often find myself thinking about all the unrealized dreams in the world, wondering what could ever be so powerful as to make a person give up on a dream.  I’m not just talking about a wish or a hope or a fleeting desire for a fad, I’m talking about a deep down in the pit of your gut dream.  That type of thing which has kept you awake at night.  That thing which has you mentally plotting and scheming all throughout your day.  The thought of not chasing this dream makes you queasy and nauseous.  You know the kind of feeling I’m talking about?  What makes a person give up on that?  We’ve all known someone, maybe very personally, maybe the person we see in the mirror everyday, who has given up on a dream.  Ask yourself this question…What would the world be like if those unrealized dreams materialized?  If your book was written, who would it have impacted?  If you ran for President of the United States, how could you change the global atmosphere?  If you manifested your business idea to end world hunger, provide a cure for cancer, obesity, etc.?  Maybe your dreams aren’t that grand, albeit no less important to you or the world.  You may very well have a dream to mentor a young person, a teenage parent, an aspiring entrepreneur.  Or even to learn a new skill such as playing an instrument or learning a new language.

Whatever your dream, I’m here to tell you, you CAN live it!  I believe it is not only your God-given right but also your obligation to live your dream and walk in your purpose.  You never know who might be watching you and deciding whether or not to go after their dream based on whether or not you aspire to yours.  So many people today, as Henry David Thoreau says, are “slaves to their work and enslaved to those for whom they work.”  He continues, “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”  The staggering number of people who complain day in and day out about their jobs is amazing.  We often hide behind, “the job isn’t paying me enough.”  When, in actuality the discomfort stems from the realization that you’re walking in someone else’s purpose and attempting to live another person’s dream.  Your inner guidance system is sending the strongest signal it can, your gut feeling.
 Follow your gut, create the vision, and Live YOUR Dream!!!  

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