Life’s Not Fair…God Gave You the Easy Part!

by Eugene on March 26, 2011


I said, “life’s not fair…” and paused awaiting agreement from the listeners, then finished with, “God gave YOU the easy part!”  Head nodding transitioned into bewildered looks.  “God gave me the easy part?”  Absolutely!  As a child, when something didn’t go our way, we’d pout, “that’s not fair,” and some adult would take it upon themselves to spew right back, “well life isn’t fair!”  I agree…but for a different reason.

We all want a harvest but have you ever really thought about the process of manifesting a harvest?  We must plant the seed, cultivate, and then the harvest will be provided for us.  We don’t have to create the seed, we only need to plant the seed.  Let that marinate for a minute.

How does this relate to your dream?


If you really listen, there is a small voice within you calling you toward a goal.  That business idea you have, that book idea, your charitable foundation concept, your desire to travel all the continents, and any other goal you’d like to manifest in your life are all seeds.  I don’t believe it was randomly placed in you.  Nothing in nature happens by accident, everything is very deliberate.  It wasn’t your job to create that seed, it’s your job to plant that seed into the world.  Writing a business plan is the beginning step to planting that seed.  This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and spend thousands of dollars on some professionally drafted document.  Pull out a blank sheet of paper.  Write your idea at the top: Ex.  My Charitable Foundation Concept.  If you have a name for it already, write that on the next line.  Then describe in just a few lines what your foundation is all about.  Who is it designed to help?  What’s the first step in creating a foundation?  Since we live in the www.I Have The World At My Fingertips Dot Com era you have the largest library at your disposal.  I know you already know the internet is a great resource.  Write a few tips you gather from your internet search.  There, the 1st draft of your business plan is complete.  The time may come when you need an official document but for now start where you’re currently standing!  We waste so much time waiting for everything to be just right.  Well everything IS just right for you to get started right now!  The stars will align as you move!


Once you’ve planted your seed in the world it’s your job to pour into it and give it the best opportunity to grow in accordance with your vision.  I’ve been asked to talk about the process of  writing my first book “What Are YOU Waiting For? 11 Action Steps to Giving Yourself the Green Light in Life!”  Although I will save specific details for another post, I can talk briefly about it here as it relates to cultivating my vision.  In the book I explain how the idea came about and then I wrote the concept on paper, ie. Planted my seed.  The overall vision is to provide uplifting and empowering information for millions of people so the Cultivating process involves learning from other authors, modeling their activities which yield my desired result, namely getting the book in the hands of as many people as possible.  The Cultivating process also requires that I continue to get better so I can effectively articulate the message.  I think it was Ben Franklin who said, “pour your purse into your mind and your mind will pour back into your purse.”  So for you, this may mean investing your hard earned money into seminars and networking events.  I say invest because when you invest you expect a return, when you spend, your money is just that, spent.  There was a time in my life when paying to listen to a “guru” was out of the question.  Now, I won’t hesitate to invest $500, $1000 or more on events and materials which may put me a step closer to my goal.  You may already work a job within the industry which you’d like to start a business so your cultivating process may have begun years ago.  I had never written a book before but knew I could learn how to do anything!  And so goes with you, you CAN learn anything!  Pour into your vision, Cultivate!


Everything happening in your life at this moment is a result of your actions over the past 1, 5, 10 or more years.  The farmer recognizes that you don’t plant, cultivate and harvest all in the same season.  However, I’m not suggesting  that bringing your vision to fruition is going to take years and years.  For some of you, because your energy is so aligned with your goal, it will only take a matter of days and for others it may take a little longer.  Either way, if you plant your seed and cultivate, your harvest is inevitable.  I know this to be true as I’ve seen it happen in my life and the lives of those I’ve had the fortune to be around!  “Thou shalt also decree a  thing, and it shall be established unto thee.” -Job 22:28

So you’re right, Life’s Not Fair!  Can you imagine if life was fair?  You’d be partially responsible for creating trees, constructing mountains, managing the sun and the moon, and other amazing tasks.  Instead, God gave you the easy part!  Stop complaining, make it happen, bring your vision to life!



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1 Mary 'Cookie' Dill March 28, 2011 at 1:12 am


Gods’ blessings upon you, and I thank you cuz for sharing much needed info especially into our communities, the paradigm shift shook some, and left many confused! Gods’ greatness is within each and every one of us!! We can do it, I align myself with the Godly positivity you represent!!



2 eugene March 28, 2011 at 3:10 am

God bless you too cousin Cookie! I believe God’s greatness is in everyone of us as well! Thank you for your support! Let’s stay in touch!


3 Allison Walker March 27, 2011 at 6:03 am

This is an awesome piece of writing! I really do enjoy reading your words of inspiration! I always associated those three words with being a farmer. Now I will associate those three words plant, cultivate and harvest with the birthing of my dreams! Keep it Coming!


4 eugene March 28, 2011 at 2:54 am

I like finding lessons in everything Ms. Allison! I look forward to hearing your success stories as you accomplish your dreams!


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