Inheritance Means More than Money!

by Eugene on January 6, 2015


I’m no expert on the Bible, Torah, Qur’an, or any other such text but during my expert level research, ie. Google search, I found that at least on a basic level they all agree:  You’re supposed to leave an inheritance and inheritance isn’t just about money or material goods.  You may be familiar with Proverbs 13:22 which says (and we’ll be inclusionary here), “a good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children…”  According to one definition, inheritance is money, property, etc. that is received from someone when that person dies.  Another says, something left from the past that is still important or valuable.  What of importance or value will you leave behind?

This 2014-2015 basketball season marks my 10th year coaching youth basketball and the above picture was taken over the weekend at the 1st game, of many more to come, our son Sebastian got to see me coach.  It’s so cool to capture the moment I first put a basketball in his hands.  I’m sure most dads dream of the day their own ‘hoop dreams’ or aspirations to be a professional athlete are realized through a son.  Every dad has delusions that their son is the little league team’s franchise player…trust me, I’ve coached enough to know that! 🙂  It’s all good though because in your eyes, your child should be a franchise player, in life not just on the court or field of play!  But this moment was bigger than that for me.  This moment wasn’t just about me hoping he loves basketball the way I do.  In fact, we will expose him to as much as possible and allow him to decide for himself where his passion resides.  For me, this picture represents the proverbial passing of the torch.  It’s bigger than basketball.  It’s the idea that it is my responsibility to leave something for and in this guy.  I’m reminded of the quote, “what you leave to someone isn’t as important as what you leave in them.”  I got so excited looking at this picture because, God willing, there will be so many more firsts from my hands to his.  I’m so eager to teach him all I know and guide him toward the source of things I don’t.  And I’m not coming from the standpoint of trying to rush things, I’m savoring every moment!

What’s really cool about this picture is that it gets even deeper.  As you can see there is a 3rd hand which belongs to Monsignor Wilfred Pashley.  He’s had a hand in who I’ve become so, although this was not planned(at least not by us, of course there is a ‘Planner’ always at work 😉 ), it’s perfect that his hand landed in this photo.  He exposed me to so much from baseball, to surfing, to water skiing, to being a gentleman, to having a love of learning, and much more.  If you’ve read my book, you know that I make reference in the introduction to Monsignor as having been a father-figure to me throughout my life.  I’m sure you’re starting to understand the magnitude of this picture for me.  He’s passed on ideas and concepts to me, and now I get to do the same thing with Sebastian.  Inheritance.  Something left from the past that is still important and valuable.

So sure, everyone wants to be in a position to leave their children on solid financial ground and I say go for it.  Be sure your last will is in order and you have the proper life insurance coverage and all the other financial necessities properly structured.  But, just as important if not more so, are the characteristics you instill and help to develop in your children.  If you breathe life into your child’s big dreams you’re leaving an inheritance.  If you show your child what it means to be there, you’re leaving an inheritance.  If you teach your child how to think and not necessarily what to think, you’re leaving an inheritance.  You never get to witness the result of the financial inheritance you leave someone because generally they receive that once you’ve gone on to the next life.  You fully get to witness, as a child grows, what you’ve left in them.  I call this a Living Inheritance.  You may say, “well I don’t have any children,” and that’s ok because you can touch someone else’s life and leave something in them.  A lot of times you have no idea who’s watching you anyway, the way you live your life could be an inheritance to someone.  Leave your mark, Leave your inheritance…It means more than money!

Life is Giving You the Green Light!


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1 Nancy January 6, 2015 at 3:55 pm

Eugene, you are an amazing young man. I am so proud of you and bursting inside with joy that Marla landed such a wonderful husband, friend, companion and father figure in you.

In a world where negativity is forced down your throat through media and disgruntled African Americans, it is so refreshing to see a man…a Black Man looking toward the future with hope and optimism.

Sebastian is blessed. He looks happy. He will have his share of trials, but it’s good to know that Mama & Daddy will be right by his side. Pass on the legacy. Pass on the love, and damn it, pass me some tissues!!!!


2 Eugene January 6, 2015 at 6:24 pm

I appreciate your words Nancy!


3 Allison Walker January 6, 2015 at 3:49 pm

Eugene, I realize that most people who know us, are aware that we are mother and son, therefore; will think that I would be bias on “all things Eugene,” but these words that you so beautifully orchestrated on this blog really took my breath away! Please continue to allow God to use you because He has a divine purpose for your life!


4 Eugene January 6, 2015 at 6:23 pm

Thanks mom!


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