Bad before Good and ultimately onto Great!

by Eugene on March 9, 2011

If I ask you, “do you remember learning how to walk for the 1st time?”  You probably don’t.  Do you remember learning how to run?  Again, probably not.  Learning to speak?  Nope.  And now look at you!  Those are most likely three actions you perform regularly without any thought as to ‘how’ to do them.  You’ve done them so much over the course of your lifetime they’ve become “second nature.”  What happens when the ideas of maintaining a positive mental attitude(PMA), living the life you desire, and accomplishing your dreams become second nature?  When you don’t worry about the ’how’ because you’ve done them so much that  maintaining a PMA, living your desired lifestyle, and dream achieving become a part of your genetic make-up.  Is this your current reality?  For some, maybe, and for others, maybe not.

In order to get to this point, you have to go from bad before good and ultimately onto great.  The most critical aspect of this whole process is your willingness to be bad first.  Going back to the examples of learning to walk, run, and speak, do you think, even for one split second,  the thought, “oh I’m not good at that so I’m not going to try,” ever crossed your mind?  Of course not!  And to think, there was a time when you would struggle to simply stand up.  Somewhere in your mind you thought, “I’m here at point A and I see point B over there and that’s where I’m going!“  I’m sure you’ve watched as a baby worked to take his/her 1st steps.  As adults, at times, we cringe with each step fearing they may fall.  The child knows falling is a part of the game.  Being wobbly is par for the course.  I completely believe we can learn from all sources, from the mega failures to the super successful.  One huge lesson we learn from that child, although really it’s more a recollection than a learning since we’ve all gone through that phase, is as soon as they fall, they immediately work to get back up.  It’s vitally important that you catch the message here because it holds true with everything we do.  You must 1. Be willing to fall and 2. Fall, immediately get up, and get right back after it!  Babies know this inherently and somewhere in the growth process into adulthood we unlearn this super important concept.

So whatever it is, apply this concept long enough and watch the magic you start to create!  Many people want to write but feel like they don’t have enough to say or it won’t come out right or people won’t accept it, etc.  I understand those feelings because they were feelings I had once.  Then I remembered, I must be willing to fall and if I fall, to immediately get up and get back after it!  I began to change the way I thought about the fall.  It wasn’t just a fall, it was feedback and feedback helps us develop.  We can come up with a whole list of situations where this applies.  Everything from being a public speaker, learning a new language, opening your own business, singing, acting, and the list goes on.  You know your dreams and aspirations.  Don’t allow them to lie dormant within you.  Embrace the labor pain and give birth to them!  Oprah Winfrey didn’t just emerge as the unbelievable success we know her to be today.  Michael Jordan didn’t just walk on the scene as the game-changer  we recognize him as.  And, although it seems like he came out of nowhere, President Obama wasn’t just handed the keys to the White House when he 1st arrived in politics.  Nope!  They all were willing to fall and the rest, as they say, is history!

The same holds true for you and I, we must be willing to be bad before good and, if we stay strong enough long enough, we’ll move ultimately to great!  As I mentioned earlier, embrace the labor pain and give birth to your dreams!

I look forward to the magic you will create!!

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2 Allison Walker March 30, 2011 at 4:09 am

This piece is so powerful! I once had labor pains and was blessed enough to have birth you ! What an awesome God we serve! Now it is time to “embrace the labor pain and give birth to my dreams” Keep it coming!


3 Aginah Shaw March 12, 2011 at 1:22 am

I most love the line ” embrace the labor pain and give birth to your dreams!” This is another wonderful piece. I definintely will embrace the labor pain and give birth to my dreams. I definitely feel the urge to PUSH! Keep it coming. Are you available as a life coach?


4 eugene March 12, 2011 at 6:59 pm

Push It Aginah!! We absolutely can tailor a coaching program for you! I will email you a brief questionnaire.


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