4 words that can move a mountain: I Believe In You!

by Eugene on March 16, 2011

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Have you ever had someone utter these words to you: I Believe In You!  Have you ever said it to someone else?  Whether you were the receiver or the deliverer of those words I’m sure you felt their power instantly!  What is it about those 4 words?  Can you think of a time when you were on the receiving end? What were the circumstances?

It’s verbal chicken noodle soup, it just makes you feel good!


4 x4 Four Reasons these Four Words are so Powerful:

1.  Someone sees more in you than you may see in yourself

As the saying goes, it’s hard to see the picture when you’re in the frame.  Your mind, if allowed to, can play interesting tricks on you.  You may want to venture out and try something new and although we hear two voices, one which says, “Go For It!” and another which says, “you’re not good at that,” it’s human nature to initially hone in on the negative voice.  The negative can be very attractive if we don’t set our mental dial to tune into WW-I-Gotta-B-Positive FM.  Think about it for a second, when driving down the road, are people more inclined to stop and look at the beautiful scenery God has created or a 3-car pile-up on the other side of the road which really has no bearing on your current trip?  We all know the answer.  The point is we are drawn to the negative, to the drama so we often choose to listen to that negative voice. Hearing someone say “I Believe In You!” helps you to turn down that negative voice and amplify the positive “I Can” feeling!

2.  Breathes strength into the receiver

One of my mentors always says, “at times, you must believe in someone else’s belief in you until your own belief kicks in.”  Think about that imagery.  You are given strength as you realize you are not alone, someone believes in your ability to win!  I heard a story once about a basketball game in which the underdog team fought hard and was down 1 with only a few seconds left in regulation.  The championship was on the  line.  The team which was expected to win committed a foul against a player, we’ll call John, who wasn’t known for having the highest shooting percentage.  During the timeout prior to John’s free throws the coach could see in everyone’s eyes, including John’s, a lack of belief in his ability to make these shots and either send the game into overtime or win the championship from the line.  The coach never gave instructions on what to do if John missed.  With the posture of a man who knew that he knew that he knew, the coach said, “After John knocks these two shots down…!”  He looked John squarely in the eyes and said, “I Believe In You!”  The coach saw John’s spine straighten as he stood tall and watched as confidence replaced the fearful look on his face!  John went on to not only make the first which would have sent them into overtime, he made the second which gave his team the lead and ultimately the championship victory!

3.  It bolsters determination

I like to use sports examples because we can see right before our eyes the power of motivation and inspiration.  You can watch a game and see two teams battle with every ounce of fight they have.  At the end of the day, it’s usually the team with the will to win which tastes victory!  That will to win comes from a stronger belief in self and in each other.  Each man or woman on the team conveys the message I Believe In You! with a look or actually saying it.  Often that simple statement is the difference between earning that championship ring and having to say, “we’ll get it next year.”


4.  Givers gain so the deliverer is empowered as well

What you put out comes back.  What goes around comes around.  You reap what you sow.  George Dana Boardman says it this way, “Sow an act…reap a habit; Sow a habit…reap a character; Sow a character…reap a destiny!”  We’ve all been taught these or similar messages for as long as we can remember.  It’s impossible to sincerely tell or show someone I Believe In You and you not benefit directly or indirectly.  Just as you help someone see themselves as better than they are, the time may come when someone helps you to see yourself as better than you are.  Les Brown says, “it gives your life meaning to give!”  Give the gifts of strength, determination, and courage with these 4 simple words, I Believe In You, and you will be equally empowered as well!

I read a perfect summary of those four words once, “Throughout the centuries, I Believe In You has remained a treasured expression of faith and confidence in the human spirit.  Spoken softly and sincerely from the heart, those four little words or their equivalent have probably sparked more dreams, ideas, and discoveries…than any others.”

“Life is about turning the things you really want to do into the things you’ve already done!” -Smart Start

I Believe In You!


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1 Allison Walker March 30, 2011 at 4:01 am

I believe in you! Keep it coming!


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